biking badger

About Me

Adventure has been something that started in high school with my love of sport and the outdoors. The love of the bike came from the freedom of being able to hop on the saddle and get away and into nature with a few peddle strokes. I had a dream of cycling from my home country of South Africa to Cairo. A dream I still harbor and will one day fulfill. This sense of adventure led me to visit Israel, a country I new very little about but didn't seem where everyone else was travelling. And here I stayed.

"The first bikepacking ride"

This was where my real cycling adventure started. I did quite a bit of racing on my mountain bike in the local scene. My brother in law at the time was also riding and convinced me to ride across the country with him. Now Israel isn't massive but I was in now way near the type of rider putting in huge rides a day let along back to back. We somehow made it and that seed was planted. This was around 10 years ago, the seed was sown and now I am finally getting around to getting into the outdoors more and exploring the country and hopefully others on the back on my bike. This will be the place where I share those experiences and maybe meet a few people along the way.

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